About Us

Our church is a traditional Baptist church where you will sing hymns and hear the preaching of God's word. We do associate with the Southern Baptist Convention, as well as the North Coast Baptist Association.

While you are welcome to bring and use any version of the bible you wish, for consistency you will hear all sermons preached from the King James Version. 

When you come here you will find a loving church home to welcome you in and support you in your spiritual growth as we emphasis practical real life biblical instruction. 

Our Pastor: 

Aaron DeBard has been a Christian for over 30 years having attended and met his wife at Pensacola Christian College where he surrendered his life to become a pastor. But before God afforded him this role, He took him on a journey to teach him and learn about nearly all aspects of life and ministry. 

This journey included blue collar work, white collar work, and military service. While working in these various positions, he also served in multiple different churches serving in roles as Adult and Youth Sunday School Teacher, Deacon, Trustee, Treasurer, and more. 

He has completed master degrees in Ministry and Business Administration.  

He and his wife, Faye, are parents of 6 children ranging in age from 8 to 21. 

Having worked within agencies focusing on Soldiers with PTSD as well as hospitals dealing with the Opioid crisis he is well versed to understand difficult problems that we face today.  

Having gone through all these various aspects of life, they have built him up to be able to relate and understand whatever challenge you may be facing.